Ed G.

Salem, Oregon

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Ed's Story

This is my second Cummins-powered work truck hauling AMSOIL lubricants. The 6.7 is strong and dependable but only giving 13 mpg with all of the DPF still installed. It hauls whatever I load on it. Handling improved with a steering box brace, Bilstein shocks and a extra rear overload spring to level the stance as it weighs max GVW of 12,500 most of the time.

Cummins Tips

I run AMSOIL DEO (5w-40) with an annual oil change of up to 26k with the EAO 80 AMSOIL full flow and a EAOBP-100 bypass filters. Oil analysis shows little wear and only modest fuel dilution at 26k. Diesel in OR has 5% bio so the fuel system stays clean with 15k filter changes. Had some warranty system problems but the EGR clean was missed ar 67.5k and needed done by 110k. Stock air filter does the job with a Edge for gauge, mostly.


  • Dodge RAM 3500 100k

    2007 Dodge RAM 3500 - Generation 3 - 6.7L Turbo Diesel

    142000 Miles