Casey K.

Knik, Alaska

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Casey's Story

I've been happy with my early '03 3500 Laramie Sport QC 4x4 since the day the dealership let me take have for a weekend test drive. I only have a couple complaints. I wish I would have bought the HO version, rather than the 250 hp. My biggest complaint is the headlights, the reflectors inside the capsules must have been designed by an orangutan. Absolutely the worst headlights of any vehicle I've owned, including a '47 &' 48 Ply Coupe's w/6 volt batt. I've replaced/retrofitted & can now actually drive at night.

Cummins Tips

Keeping clean oil in your engine,and sending a sample for an analysis at least every other oil change. Installed an oil bypass Filter system such as the FS-2500, I've been happy since spending the money on it. Add additional fuel filters,you can never be too safe. And finally add gauges if you plan on using any kind of power adder.


  • Dodge RAM 3500 100k

    2003 Dodge RAM 3500 - Generation 3 - 5.9L Turbo Diesel

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