Paul K.

Fort Worth, Texas

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Paul's Story

Texas boy that had a 1986 ram charger when i was 16 now I had a lot of different vehicle since then including a 7.3 and 6.0 ford and was gun shy getting into another diesel after all the problems with the fords. Than being said, bought a 2012 Ram that a man can work on and keep running for miles and miles. Even a guy with very little knowledge about engines can work on this one. My plan is to take my son all over the USA and fish lakes, rivers, oceans in most states before he leaves for college. This Truck fits the bill and should do everything we need it to.

Cummins Tips

Use only cummins recommended filters and oil, change everything at proper intervals; repeat


  • Texas Big Horn

    2012 Dodge RAM 2500 - Generation 4 - 6.7L Turbo Diesel

    165070 Miles