Kathy M.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Kathy's Story

Needed a diesel truck to haul my horse around. That was back in, oh, 1995. Who would buy anything except a Cummins powertrain?! Silly people. Don't want to be stuck on some dirt road or the side of the Interstate with a couple of horses in the trailer. But I couldn't afford to buy one until 2000. Ordered Stumpy October 1999, picked him up December 17th, lost my job January 9th. He's running strong... he's reliable... and he gets to run another 300K miles.

Cummins Tips

Grandpa was a dodge truck mechanic. His advice: "Never floor it. Never overload it. Always leave a little room.


  • Dodge RAM 2500 300k

    2000 Dodge RAM 2500 - Generation 2 - 5.9L Turbo Diesel

    400036 Miles