Rod T.

Covington, Georgia

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Rod's Story

I purchased "Les' Cabri" (little goat) in 2001 with 55,000 miles on it.It still fits better than anything I sit in. I have replaced a few supporting components but have not had a wrench on the 5.9 as of yet. I routinely pull a 30' gooseneck horse trailer complete with living quarters, two horses and enough food and beverages for a 7 night trip in the Smokey Mountains. Cabri is not a dually and still pulls the load up mountain grades. I do use a HyperTech programmer when pulling but change back to factory settings for normal use.Next to my wife, Les Cabri is my favorite recreational vehicle!My wife and I are 'til death, Cabri is not much different.

Cummins Tips

Regular oil changes @ 10,000 mile intervals, Cummins filters, usually Delo or equivalent oil. Cetane additive and regular fuel filter changes and KN air filter recharge. A mechanic who is trustworthy is also a positive influence for longevity!He recently changed the transmission oil and filter, found only normal metal fines on the magnet!


  • Dodge RAM 2500 300k

    2000 Dodge RAM 2500 - Generation 2 - 5.9L Turbo Diesel

    300000 Miles