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Jere's Story

My truck's license plate says it all: ADIESEL! I've been a Cummins fan for years and couldn't wait until I owned a truck with one chugging away under the hood. I routinely get 20 mpg unless I'm kicking it in the butt or hauling. It runs as strong today as it did when I bought it 108,000 miles ago. I also put 19.5" wheels on it (bought through Rickson) and it didn't seem to affect it at all, although I did have the speedo corrected. I must also say a word about my OEM batteries: they're on their 10th year and show no sign of getting weak.

Cummins Tips

Colorado winters are cold at night and gravity pulls oil down the cylinders and away from the pistons. Pistons don't like operating without oil between them and the cylinder wall. Unless I'm out of town I keep my truck plugged in all winter so the oil will be as warm as possible. If I've been out of town for awhile, I plug the truck in overnight before starting it up the next morning. I do the same thing with my gasoline-driven cars. A 90 Honda Accord was running strong when I sold it at 334,000 miles. "Nuff said about this, I think.


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