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I've loved the 5.9 Cummins since I was just out of high school working for a small insulation company. That was the first time I drove a Cummins powered ram and I knew I had to have one. Many years went by, trucks came and went but I never got that Cummins i really wanted. Then one day i was scanning the classifieds for something to play with and I found it, my nightmare. I paid $3200 dollars for a beat up rusty dodge 2500 that had well over 200k on the clock and 20+ years of grit, grease and grime built up from hard work and neglect. The engine was strong, trans was good, everything else was tired and busted. I paid cash, didnt even haggle the guy. I knew this truck was gonna be a blast. Drove it home, no power steering, a/c was cold as ice though, that good ole cummins grunt as she hummed along. It's been almost two years now and I've replaced fuel lines, injectors(original Bosch), added gauges for pyro, boost and fuel pressure. Cleaned up the engine, changed the clutch and freshened up the 5 speed. I've modded the p7100 with governor springs and new fuel plate, tuned the afc accordingly. Ole truck gets around 24mpg on the highway and about 18mpg in town if I keep my foot out of it. Runs like a scalded ape! This truck has solidified my love for the 5.9 Cummins engine and I'll probably never power another vehicle with anything else but a Cummins. Already have plans for a rat rod swap next year. Gonna pull this motor and drop her in a new chassis and keep right on ticking.

Cummins Tips

I bought her used so I have no idea of knowing how it was driven or maintained but by the looks of it maintenance was not a priority for the previous owners. I changed the oil when I first brought it home and it didnt look bad. There were not any major leaks other that a leaky valve cover gasket and the rear main had a slow leak. I knew I wanted to rebuild this engine one day so I made the decision to not worry so much about timely oil changes or how I was gonna rag on this thing. It was gonna be an experiment of sorts. See how much abuse and neglect a cummins can take before it quits. That said, my oil change intervals are every 20k miles, she gets the cheapest diesel truck oil at Walmart($9 for 5qts) and a new fleetguard oil filter and a new fleetguard fuel filter. I dont baby this truck by any means, she is driven daily and driven hard. The only precautionary measures I take are giving the turbo a minute or two to cool off and circulate some oil before I shut it off and I dont idle for more than 10 mins if I can help it. Other than that, she drives me 60 miles round trip to work everyday, mostly highway, and me and the wife go cruising on the weekends or to the beach. I have never neglected a vehicle the way I do this one and this one has been the most dependable, reliable and all out fun to drive. Fires right up soon as you bump the key and purrs like a kitten.


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    1994 Dodge 2500 - Generation 2 - 5.9L Turbo Diesel

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