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Jesse's Story

I've always been a Mopar fan since I could remember. I became a fan of Cummins in 96' (I was 5) when I rode and heard my uncles 93' W250 12V. Working on the farm I had always liked tractors, to me his truck was a tractor I was hooked. I knew I would one day buy a truck like his. Unfortunately what I got wasn't a 12V 5.9L instead was a 98 Dodge Neon had 350k miles then I was in a bad wreck no more neon. I purchased The Side Chick super cheap for a California truck instantly backfired Transmission went into limp mode I knew nothing on the 6.7L and 68rfe combo. Did some reasearch purchased a RevMax Flashed TCM Deleted the 6.7L along with basic EFI Live tunes by Ryan Milliken and has been loyal to me since. It currently has 195,000 and chugging.

Cummins Tips

Regular maintenance is my biggest tip. I do constant research on how others have kept their 6.7L Cummins alive. Living in California its kind of hard but, I can manage.


  • The Side Chick

    2008 Dodge 2500 - Generation 3 - 6.7L Turbo Diesel

    200000 Miles