Frank C.

Dayton, Nevada

300,000 Mile Club Member

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Frank's Story

I had a brand X pickup that would not put a small 5th wheel so we decided to buy a used Dodge. I bought a 2002 with low mileage and liked the way it pulled but had problems with the transmission every winter. I got a good price trading it in on this New 2005. I have had no problems with this truck (not pickup). I haven't had any repairs that I couldn't do myself. at 175000?? I had to replace the belt.

Cummins Tips

I keep the oil and filters changed and just keep a close eye on what is happening under the hood. I have replaced one drive belt (as Dodge calls it) At 295,000 I had a fuel line to # 5 cylinder break.


  • Dodge RAM 2500 300k

    2005 Dodge RAM 2500 - - 5.9L Turbo Diesel

    400000 Miles