edward m.

walhalla, South Carolina

300,000 Mile Club Member

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edward's Story

bought the truck used, had 129000 miles.serviced it & drove it like i stole it. soon found out that the you could not hurt the engine by driveing it. keep it serviced , and it will always bring you home if you have enough spare low pressure fuel pumps with you.

Cummins Tips

keep all fil;ters serviced on time,oil changed, keep radiator clean of all duratrash.98.5 ,24 valve,stock except for bhaf.47re auto,4.10 dually rear, gearvendors overdrive.try to keep the egt at a manageable temp, trans temp, & a steady diet of powerstrokes.


  • Dodge RAM 300k

    1998 Dodge RAM - Generation 2 - 5.9L Turbo Diesel

    300500 Miles