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I bought my '98 12 valve in Feb. of '01 after my car was totaled. I became a fan after seeing a few trucks belonging to family members and friends. I loved how much power they could produce with minimal effort. After that I just "had" to have one. The one I found had been wrecked but fixed to a point it could be driven so I bought it as is and finished fixing it myself along with help from a relative and friend. The truck had 67k miles on the clock when I purchased it. I used it as a daily driver for about 4 years until I finally putting it to work earning it's keep by transporting RV's from the manufacturer in Indiana to dealers all over the US and Canada.

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  • Dodge RAM 2500 400k

    1998 Dodge RAM 2500 - Generation 2 - 5.9L Turbo Diesel

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