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Heather's Story

When I was 7 years old, there was a person, now more like my Dad, that had a Blue 2001 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually. I fell in love with the deep rumble of the engine and the power that was behind it; aslo helped that it is in a beautiful truck. I have been a fan ever sense. My dad bought a 3500, single rear wheel, in 2005. Hauling horse trailers is a regular thing for him, and we have a friend that borrows it to pull her 23 foot living quarters trailer, and it pulls with ease;she can't get her Ford to stay sound enough to go more than 50 miles. He still has it with only 76,100 miles on it. I bought my first Cummins truck in 2009, it was a 2007 early model that still had the 5.9L. It was a great truck and saddly got rear ended after only 6 months and got totaled out. My next Cummins is my current. His name is Chet and he is a 2006 Ram2500 4x4 5.9L with 176,886 and counting. I have horses and I ride hunter/jumper so I travel to houson and the east coast a lot. I have a 3 horse Sundowner trailer that my 2500 doesn't even know is back there. I plan to put the Banks Power Pack on it just to help with fuel economy (from 18 everyday and 15 with the trailer to 20+ everyday and 16+ with trailer). I will only ever own a Cummins diesel!

Cummins Tips

I only use Amsoil full synthetic oil and filter every 8,000. service the transmission and differentialsevery 50,000. Every tank of fuel has Lucas additive for the injectors, and I will not fill at a Valero, to much ethinol in their fuel, kills fuel economy.


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