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Been following Cummins engine news for quite a while.Bought a '97 with 115,000 miles a few years a go and currently has 140,000 miles. Don't drive as much as I'd like to, so it's hard to pile up the miles like some of the other members.

Cummins Tips

I've just been doing regular maintenance,such as valve adjustments, and had injection pump timing checked once. Have been using synthetic engine oil and changing fluids and filters on a regular basis. Dowel pin was checked OK, but I tabbed it anyway. I try to keep the engine as stock as possible, but it's some times difficult to do. The engine has been trouble free and running good from the day I got it.


  • Dodge RAM 2500 100k

    1997 Dodge RAM 2500 - Generation 2 - 5.9L Turbo Diesel

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